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2011-04-30, 18:43

Originally Posted by RowdyScot View Post
What is all this SW business? (Actually, I know. Just a rhetorical question. )

I need to make a small base out there. I may ask for a plot out there for a future future project, then start a mine.
One of the places I'm looking at building is in the SW...I put a sign up, built a shelter, made a "J" out of torches... But it's a little close to the skyway, and to the log cabin entrance to Bryson's mine. Today Brad showed me a wide open SE place that I like, too, but based on a cursory overview (I was distracted by a cave) I think it might be a lot harder to landscape into what I want it to be. It's bigger and remoter, though, so the results may be worth it... Decisions, decisions.

My goal is to decide on a location this weekend, and then break out the graph paper. So if anybody else knows of wide open areas in field/forest biomes with a hilltop dramatically overlooking a large lake or bay, let me know!

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