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2011-08-22, 22:52

The big-assed thing next to the Skyranch? That's it.

It's pretty much the culmination of a few different projects that I had in mind, but wrapped into a single massive project. At first I wanted to try my hand at building "Sue" - the T-Rex skeleton in Chicago - then after concluding I couldn't do her posture with MC blocks, I decided to just make a cool skeleton in my front lawn at FM. Then I said fuck it. I have too many other things do.

Then I really wanted to build something underwater. Not like my wheat farm which I love and adore, but something huge and overbearing. Something with water everywhere. Something you could actually drown in (MC oceans are pretty shallow, honestly). But I couldn't find a place close enough to BP for everyone to enjoy (and die in), so again, I said fuck it.

Then Kraetos mentioned his new project downtown, and how it would have all these floating spheres and whatnot, and I was like, holy shit, I know what I'm going to do next! A fracking planetarium! That would be so cool! But then I went to harvest the trees in my trashcan and it took so damn long and was boring and I was like fuck it.

But then, you know - after having all these things in the back of my mind for a while - you know what I said to myself?

That's right.

So I'd like to present my current work in progress, the AppleNova MC Museum Complex.

Earlier this month I completed some of the arches:

And last night I got a good portion of the roof and windows done:

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
Impressive! Is this a building of your design, or mimicking a real-world structure?
The entrance is based off of the Field Museum in Chicago (or any other Federalist architecture - but specifically the FM) , but the structure itself is my design. I'm especially happy with the roof.

Even after the museum is "finished" expect some new exhibits to pop up now and then. But until then I'll use this thread to post updates instead of clogging the Announcement thread. Shooting for a Grand Opening around the beginning of November.

So it goes.