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2016-07-11, 21:38

Well I can say I'm having even more bugs with my game since there are a few bugs with the gyroscope/orientation in iOS 10 beta. So I ended up having to turn off AR for now. This seems to make it easier for me though. I'm still one level 4 after playing it for over two hours today. I currently have 12,342 steps today. Yes, most is from the game play.

The really sad part of that... is that I walked for almost a full hour at the oceanfront and looked at tons of Pokestops but didn't swipe to collect anything. I missed that part of the training that said how to get stuff from them. Thankfully by the time I walked around Norfolk this evening I was more aware of the rules and actually collected hundreds of pokeballs and eggs and such.

A couple of times I have caught a Pokemon and the game just kind of froze without telling me I got the Pokemon. I closed out the app and opened it back up and my little dude was captured.

I've started using my battery pack case when walking around this evening and it worked great. It was near dead while my phone was at 100%.

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