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The Ban Hammer
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2019-03-25, 17:20

Apple News+ = Meh. I can think of two magazines I have read in the last year, and I wouldn't pay for either of them.
Apple Arcade = Intrigued, but let's see a price.
Apple Card = Intrigued, but what is the interest rate? If 17.99 like everyone else, then meh. If 5%, then sign me up. It's all about the rate.
Apple TV+ = Meh. Just a bunch of Hollywood elites grandstanding for their empires. Whatever. Until I see a cost and content, meh.
Oprah?!? = Good grief. Felt very worshippy. Makes me not want to subscribe simply for that.

but, but, but …


oh, mighty Oprah!

I half expected her to announce a presidential bid, what with the way Apple sold her as the next coming of the Messiah.


Boise State! … Boise State! … Boise State!

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