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2005-08-14, 00:16

It's a portable storage shed. You fill it, they move it to storage or a new location, and then you unload it. A couple of friends used one to move, and they loved it. It's like a 10' moving van, but on the ground (no ramp to deal with). They spent three days filling it at their leisure, called the PODS folks who moved it, and then they spent a couple days unloading it. No scrambling to get done by the return time, as with a rental truck.

My mom uses one in Seattle for storage. When she moved from her house to a smaller unit, she just packed up all the stuff she wasn't going to be able to fit in the new place, and said "Just store it." They put it in a big warehouse with umpteen others, and she can call ahead to have them have it ready for her when she pulls up so she can get stuff in or out of it. Pretty slick.

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