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The Ban Hammer
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2019-12-30, 18:07

Something else I would very much like Apple to work on: Single password sign-in.

What I mean is this: Once you have signed into the App Store, you should not have to keep presenting your password for every single action you take. Once you open System Preferences, there should be one lock that unlocks everything. You should not have to unlock users, then unlock security, then unlock software update, etc.

Please, let me unlock once, already!

If it were up to me, System Preferences would be a modifiable window, where the admin could decide what items needed locking and drag them to, say, the bottom half of the window where they would be "locked", noted by being grayed-out. Open the lock, and all of those items are unlocked. Items in the upper half of the window would always be unlocked. Close the System Preferences window and all preferences are automatically locked. Or just click the lock icon.

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