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2019-12-31, 14:26

So it dawned on me that I refuse to allow my smart TVs to connect to the internet. This of course really limits their usefulness without something like an Apple TV or Xbox connected to them.

Since I did connect the TVs to my network in hopes of being able to adjust volume, power on/off etc I can see all the attempts it makes to report back to their mothership. Of course they are blocked, but I don't want all of that. I really just want a quality screen with multiple HDMI ports.

Is there something like that on the market? Something between 55" - 65" like?

If you're curious, since the 26th at 7pm my time I've had 226697 attempts to connect to from ONE of my TVs. It only does it while it's on, but it is relentless. Multiple attempts per second.

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