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2017-05-26, 19:23

I find your quoting of me to be more reflective of your inability to construct a cohesive argument, but really, whatever floats your sinking ship.* The win in Montana wasn't shocking, 2/3 of votes were committed before the incident (if you actually look at the numbers the final tally was almost unbelievably close for fucking Montana), and it was in fact a close enough election to get Pence and a Trump spawn involved. Sure the GOP held onto the seat, and that's all they need to do. So the Democrats have more work to do. But your argument was not about holding seats (your statement would have had them gaining seats in any event, so you are either obfuscating or are fuzzy about the details when making statements, but I digress), it was about Trump being *good* for the GOP, and that remains an unfounded opinion...

Unfortunately, your perspective on how the economy works is somewhat limited. You are solely concerned about wages and not about productivity or the absolute need for the economy to grow. I know, I know -- in your view the economy is a zero sum game, but that is only the case when it isn't growing, but unfortunately for you the US isn't Japan of the last two decades. Labor shortages in farm labor doesn't rectify labor excess in non-agrarian regions or populations. Contrary to your evident belief, not everyone can pick crops for 10 hours/day, and not all unemployed people live where crops are picked. Anecdotes from your father don't count as facts (particularly not in a field where people may be making the rational choice to leave while the leaving is good given reports of automated delivery trucks being rolled out). Your economic view lacks the sophistication of understanding time, geography, migration trends, welfare limitations, etc. But you are not close to being an economist (nor a political philosopher if we are being honest here), and for that we should all be thankful.

I do find it pathetic that you believe that California's roads are somehow reflective of the fact that as you say the increased debt incurred by Obama led to nothing -- worse I find it laughable that you believe California's roads are 'bad'; have you ever driven in the South East or cities on the East Coast (and what does any of this have to do with Obama's budget)? You must really be daft if that is how you want to phrase your argument. Why not look at where the debt came from and figure out what the US got from it: the numbers are there for the analysis and your feelings about this have shit all to do with reality. Nor do the feelings of Trump's supporters. Reality has a way of rolling over people who do not perceive it accurately, and that describes everyone who voted for Trump and everyone who thinks he's doing a-ok.

Honestly, though, Nick. I am more interested in trying to help you argue better. This isn't fun when you are unable to express your thoughts in a consistent fashion and lean on logical fallacies (as you honestly always have).

*[truth be told, this is a forum, we are involved in a simple back and forth with few other participants, your posts are permanently there to refer back to, there is zero need to quote -- unless, of course, you cannot construct an argument and instead have to rely on line by line rehashings. We've been over this before, at a younger age I got pissed at you for arbitrarily breaking my arguments into pieces, but I discovered that you are incapable of debating wholistically and incapable of self-critical reflection on the imperfections in the small arguments you make or the 'data' you introduce. You enjoy these back and forths because it makes you feel like you have a supported opinion -- you don't care what anyone else says to you about how poorly your argument fares when held to the light of truth and logic. I frankly enjoy them because I get to laugh at you, and point out how stupid some Americans can be in this age of Trump to my friends here in Europe. So as disingenuous as I am with these arguments with you, because my heart isn't really in them, I really wish my sparing partner was smarter and better equipped. Ah well.]

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