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2018-11-29, 08:50

I think if I stick to Play1s, it's really not that pricey considering what you get and ease of set-up. I like that they appear to be platform agnostic, there are supports in the system for Airplay2, and Amazon and Google assistants if we should decide to add those. I do have a sub/sat receiver system from our old place that could go into the one separate room on the first floor that lends itself to HT use. But We're sticking to furnishing the large multi-use space for family time/TV/lounging/everything - and that doesn't really need HT. I might get a Beam, just to anchor the TV and because it plays a little deeper than the Play1s... And maybe, a Connect module for the HT room, but I'm just as likely to just sell the sub/sats and receiver or move them to my garage based photo-studio. There's another old PL2 receiver from my parents home that might eventually serve as the back deck sound system. And it's nice that there's an option to connect it to sonos.

Which brings me to the HomePods. Is it possible that they can simply be airplay speakers connected to the same network as the Sonos?