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2019-05-30, 22:53

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The problem is the Mac Pro basically has to be significantly more expensive than the iMac Pro. Otherwise, the latter doesn’t have much of a raison d’être any more (maybe it never did): no matter how modular the Mac Pro ends up being, the answer is probably more than the iMac Pro. At the very least, for the screen, and probably for more.
I think the iMac Pro was a stop-gap machine that got them through the last couple years. I won't be surprised if it is discontinued when the new Pro tower starts shipping. At that point the pricing of the new Mac Pro does not have to be compared to an iMac Pro.

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
… It's that kind of design that will keep Apple controlling as much as possible and thus the follow on income of servicing out of warranty service on otherwise good machines.
Apple doesn't really make that much on service. Once a computer is listed as vintage (at 5-years old) they no longer service them, or even make service parts available. Instead, they refer them to Premier Partners like us. We must source mostly used parts at that point. We make the money, not Apple. If Apple wanted to make more money, they would continue to sell parts for Mac Pro towers. There is plenty of market for drives, RAM, power supplies, video cards, etc. And those bits are much higher margin than new computers, believe you me!

Moral of the story: It's about more than money.

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