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What you say is based entirely on opinion, and not on fact.

Originally Posted by PB PM View Post
Apple wouldn't want
… is not fact, but opinion.

We get it. The soldered storage can be a pain. Yet, it is more reliable. Our service department sees this on a regular basis. We make more money on old hardware with removable, replaceable bits, than we do on new hardware without. Far more! Our bread-and-butter is in replacing removable hard drives and RAM that have failed, not on selling new computers. Take out the moving-parts HDD and replace it with SSD. No moving bits = increased reliability = increased customer satisfaction.

You may not like it because you want to open the box, twist a screwdriver, and see what jiggles loose, but most customers do not care. And by "most", I mean "almost all".

But, hey, you keep dragging that 2007 iMac along with its slow RAM bus and slow-as-hell SATA drive-interface. We're happy to keep charging you money to sell a dream.

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