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2004-06-05, 17:20

Some of those are pretty good, but none really grabs you and pulls you in, ya know? Other than AppleInciter (which I like a lot because of its thinly veiled meanings) most sound like names that are "trying" to be cool-sounding. Know what I mean?

Just some ideas right off the top of my head, there's always:

Macunity (as in, Mac Community or Mac Unity)


(I kinda like this one because it has so many meanings and all three domains are available AFAICT)


Then we can use "RDF" as a logo, for T-Shirts, etc. If you guys don't like that as a domain, we could always call our new AO forum that, since AO will presumeably not be available as an option at that point. I think it would be kinda ironical-like.


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