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2004-06-05, 17:26

Originally Posted by Moogs
Some of those are pretty good, but none really grabs you and pulls you in, ya know? Other than AppleInciter (which I like a lot because of its thinly veiled meanings) most sound like names that are "trying" to be cool-sounding. Know what I mean?
Couldn't agree more. None of the new names strike me at all. Then again we could be and I wouldn't care as long as the members were there.


Then we can use "RDF" as a logo, for T-Shirts, etc. If you guys don't like that as a domain, we could always call our new AO forum that, since AO will presumeably not be available as an option at that point. I think it would be kinda ironical-like.

Methinks we have a winner. I like this suggestion over all of the ones listed in the poll.

Edit: Reality Distortion Forums is available for .com, .org, and .net.


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