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2010-05-23, 10:29

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
Perfect! I'm taking off next Friday from work anyway. Mind waiting until next weekend before getting them?
That's perfect mate. Thanks again. No problem at all on the wait.

I am busy working on a stylisation of the landscape from the game that will fit with this pixel methodology also.
This should be a lot of fun!

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
I found these two sprite sheets extracted from the games. Since it looks like some of the sprites are just showing rotation of a given enemy, I'll just make one for each accordingly.
Brilliant. Actually, what you have is better than what I posted above. (I also just learned that twit-pic kills cached pictures too. So will just replace that with a link for reference.)

It was actually a screenie from the game. Whereas your images are pixel perfect.

You are absolutely right on your summation of the "rotations". With some nice specular lighting, one model, and simply rotating them, it will be perfect.

The only ones that deviates from that is the Munchies which do sort of animate. The history behind them was (topical right now) a bit of piss take of Pac Man.

Initially if we focus on Landers, Mutants, Pods, Baiters, Bombers and Swarmers and see how it looks.... Anything else is a bonus! They are the original Defender aliens from the top bitmap you posted.

But I do hope to do both (Stargate and Defender) in a bumper pack type app.

Oh, and of course we mustn't forget the all important humanoids!!!

This is gonna be sweet. And we can immortalise AppleNovians who took part in the default high scores.

If anyone wants to have a bash at re-sampling the original SFX and making them more "2000y", but keeping the same "feel" to them, that would be another possibility for another "team" member.

I'm psyched!

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