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2010-05-23, 23:02

Another technical thing that just occurred to me...

It's a bit costly to draw lines around polygons to get an outline effect on each cube. That's an effect that a lot of these retro 8bit homages are using. It would be nice to have that option moving forward when we start to bolt it all together and tweak the look and feel.

If you can put texture coords on the models so that each cube face maps to a single texture square, we can then either turn texturing on or off, and have either smooth models, or models that look like they have been drawn with individual cubes.

We can then tweak that outline globally by modifying a single texture and blending it with the colours for each polygon.

All that tweaking I can do with OpenGL ES very cheaply. But the texture coords are essential to make it cheap to do on the GPU.

Do you get what I mean?

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