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How about I'm being chased from a bathroom by 3 gang members looking for a scientific chip of some kind that can be used by a bad man to do terrible things, and they HAVE MY FAMILY, and I have to make some really crazy split second decisions, but the thing is I has really bad diarrhea and the guys busted into the bathroom just a second before I was going to let it go, and I'm going commando that day. I can time travel up to 4 hours at a time, but only once a day, and it's kind of like The Time Traveler's Wife where I can't bring my clothes with me... but probably the diarrhea will follow me though!!

Eh, first thing that came into my head.
It's sunrise, finally, you have survived the night and for the first time since taking the AZPLD chip you begin to feel the wounds, bruises, and infections you have acquired on the way. The disquieting buzzing your mind has provided as a sound track was the only thing keeping you realizing how truly awful you feel; and now that you have been able to sleep in the cold pre-dawn hours, you no longer have the adrenaline to keep the pain away.

You couldn't have possibly known it was going to be this way. No one would have believed that your brother was a clone, happily killing your sister and framing you. The small amount of celebrity your trial afforded him was enough to attract the curiosity of some rather dark investors, and that was how his pitch was made.

As a small group of highly trained scientists, three in all, four if you include your brother's clone, had discovered a new use for the AZPLD chips being produced at a covert psy-ops facility outside of Cape May, NJ. The devices were initially designed to allow spies unfettered access to the deepest thoughts of unsavory sorts hell bent on causing the US harm. Having circumvented the torture prohibition, certain agencies would then have actionable information whose quality was far more guaranteed. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Not as designed anyway. The reports were only mildly redacted and your brother was able to piece together the design and realized that the chip might be able to provide him with a means of transferring his consciousness wholesale into his clone. What the army scientists had failed to realize was that instead of turning the test-subject's brains into chocolate jello pudding, they had opened up a means to write the complete content of the conscious in front of them. The mimicry of the subjects they lamented was merely this writing process working about as inefficiently as possible.

Your brother rebuilt the AZPLD chip in his lap and used it to transfer his conscious to his clone. It was merely a science project to him, he didn't realize the dangers of making himself obsolete. The clone, who killed your sister, and holds your brother wants the chip so that he can control the entire world -- every action, every thought an extension of his mind.

You may be asking yourself how I know all of this, well remember what your brother's clone said as you pulled the chip from the visor he was positioning above your head? He said that he will be seeing you in the future, right? The process was successful, he wanted you to escape -- a fleeing prey is always more fun, he shares that instinct with your father. He put me here to warn you when his peers are approaching. You don't have much time, and it feels like you need to relieve yourself -- it's a good thing that he took your underwear, one final reminder of that childhood game, it's one less impediment to emptying your bowls.

You ought to know, they are behind the door, waiting for a sign. He must be getting bored, he seems to be changing your perspective, something more futuristic. I guess he grew tired of the triviality of a chase in a timeline you know so well, you can only hope the future is far less malodorous.

[how's that?]