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2009-10-03, 21:27

Originally Posted by Capella View Post
please tell me someone else works like this
Ahem, try also being a super-picky book designer.

But seriously y'all, you will fall in love the follow-up to my novel. It's two novellas short novels, published back-to-back, so that when you finish the first one (which one is first is totally up to you) you turn the book upside down and read the next. And the cover, oh! It's an unjacketed all-black affair, with two passes of massive foil stamping of each side - one silver and red, one silver and blue - each showing, in a high-contrast, comic-book-style illustration, the main character and title of each novella . In fact, the only thing indicating the title of the collection would be the spine (where it would be printed in each direction) and a length of a rough, off-white, canvas-y fabric tied around the book's middle, with the title stamped onto that with an ink stamp (so that it would smudge a bit and look a little different on each one). This all sounds very expensive, and it is, but you can do that when it's the follow-up to a super-bestselling novel.

Now I just need to, um, finish writing that novel first.

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