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2011-04-10, 16:21

So after seeing this post I B-Lined to the Stairs and went to battle.

I killed off every single one of them! Then after eating much pork (good thing I'm Paleo! ) I headed to the communal trap. The trap was totally silent when I got here but now I'm seeing activity. Not massive mind you, but activity. It would have been better to have someone here though because the trap wouldn't normally be active while I'm that far away. At the time I got to the trap, 709 had just logged off leaving only me on the server.

Few lessons learned:
1) Aim for the base of big slimes. Seems their target area is the bottom blocks. I had plenty of chances to test this theory.
2) Slimes aren't client side anymore. In the past a game exit and reentry would make the smile go away, not so anymore. The slimes were exactly as posted in the image two up. This shows they are now server side completely.
3) Armor does little against these things. Just don't let them touch you! Aim for the base.
4) Keep lots of cooked pork handy if you're going after a hoard of them like I just did!

So who else has mines this deep near BP?

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