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2019-10-23, 08:44

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Have you opened up the back of it? If it doesn't have a hinge, it'll screw off. You can also see what work was done on it - the watchmakers etch their initials/date every time they do work on a watch.
Oooo this is a fun little tidbit that I didn't know. We need an update with pics if you do this T!

[edit]: Reminds me of the 'artists sign their work' idea wrt the original Macintosh case molds. There was another case during Apple's clone phase that had signatures inside too – behind a door panel – but I can't remember offhand which that was. I'm guessing either Power Computing or Motorola's Starmax line, since those were the ones I was mostly buying back then.

[edit2]: UMAX SuperMac S900! Forgot all about those bad boys. Wish I would've kept one or two for old time's sake.

So it goes.

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