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2006-02-09, 00:48

Originally Posted by bigbuckeye
I have a budget of 1400 dollars and am thinking about either the 20 inch G5 imac for 1350 or the 17 inch core duo imac for 1175. How much faster will the 1.83 core duo be then the 2.1 G5. I am a college student and use my computer mostly for the web, email, and microsoft office. Any opinions on the better choice would be appreciated?
In the long run the Core Duo will be faster due to it being Dual core and the 2.1 Ghz G5 is single core. I just ordered a 20" iMac G5 2.1 Ghz for my sister. I chose the G5 over the Core Duo so my sis doesn't have to worry about buying new software when they become Universal Binaries. Plus, she does what you do so she doesn't need a dual core processor. Now Apple won't drop support for PPC until like 2012 due to the PPC user base being so big. I am not sure about third party vendors though. I would go with the 20" iMac G5 since it is such a steal right now at $1499 or the $1350 you are able to get it at. But then again, by reading my user title, you can call me biased towards the PPC architecture.