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2006-01-15, 22:26

This is a weird bug that I saw today for the first time. I'm running DeerPark (which is a G4-optimized FireFox) on 10.4.4, usually with several tabs open. Now at some point, it simply stopped reacting to input, no matter if mouse or keyboard. So I quit and restarted it, and when it happened again, I noticed two things: the menus still worked, and when I clicked on tabs, the window title changed to that tab's title (it didn't switch to that tab, though, and was also otherwise dead).

So I used the menu to open another window, and it worked fine. The old window remained dead, however. I haven't used anything fancy (like Java or Flash) between the last two times it froze.

Has anybody seen this before? Could this be some interaction with 10.4.4? I've used that exact program for at least a month now, and haven't had any problems.