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2006-12-08, 17:13

Originally Posted by turtle2472 View Post
I wish you the best with the party, have fun. Though when I shoot events I am never a part of it and so I end up missing the whole thing, unless you count seeing the even with focus points in your way.

I don't have any other images to go with that documentary image. My assignment was to take and submit only one shot to tell the whole story. It wasn't easy for me. That was the one I came up with. I was going to see about going to the courthouse and take a picture of a disgruntled family coming out of court.
Haha, that would have been cool.

Oh, I'm not invited to the party, oh of course not, I'm ethnically asian. I am the photographer for the event. I originally planned on getting away with doing the minimum possible but upon hearing the details and nature of the guests, this is becoming a photo story! And, I already know I won't know anyone at the party.