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2009-10-02, 14:52

Originally Posted by Bryson View Post
Weird that they consider North and South America as the same place...
It's sort of an old-timey thing - we share an Olympic ring and everything. But maybe that will change, now that Rio is hosting (though of course the rings won't change).

In any case, I'm very happy for Rio. That one guy who made hundreds of biased edits to the Rio bid's mammoth Wikipedia page will be pleased

Official Robo predictions for the next 20 years:

2018: PyeongChang, South Korea
2020: Cape Town or Durban, South Africa
2022: Queenstown, New Zealand
2024: Paris, France
2026: Lake Placid, USA (as much as I'd love that joint US-Canada bid, it's not going to happen so soon)
2028: Tokyo, Japan (though this is sort of fuzzy, so who knows...if we don't go for 2026 we could get 2028)

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