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2021-02-06, 12:22

Apple: "Hey, here's a super awesome development machine for you whiney children to use so you cane get your crappy apps sorted out before we make this transition."

Developers: "WAAAAAAAAAAH! We want our monies back! WAAAAAAAAAAH!"

I guess I see it differently. What Apple should have done is just sell them the stupid thing and be done with it. And never, ever have the option for a return.

"You want in this game? It'll cost you $500!"

Hell, it's just a pre-production M1 Mac Mini that these people got at a solid discount before anyone else could get one.

Seriously, $500? Those big, pro-level code development apps of the 90's cost way more than that. (When I was dabbling, I think CodeWarrior was $399 for the cheapest version?)

If there is one injustice the App Store has foisted on people, it's cheap software. Now everyone—developers included—thinks everything should be $1 or "for freeeeeeee!" And the quality of apps is suffering because of it. It's mostly add-driven, location-tracking junkware. Oh, and thank the app gods that Apple is about to change that model with the next iOS update and the near-elimination of involuntary tracking. I'm going to be punching that button on every single app. Hopefully, developers will start making stuff that's actually worth the $10 for a $1 app than have it tracking me all over hall and back.

Make something compelling—that I actually need/could use—and I'll buy it. Not subscribe, but *buy*.

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