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Mr. Katan
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2021-02-06, 12:43

I thought they made it pretty clear those were temporary loaner machines from the start. Not sure what the $500 was for - the honor and privilege? - but nobody was screwed. They probably should’ve just considered that $500 the cost of the machine and none of this has to be a thing. Maybe they just didn’t want those odd, customized(?) Macs out in the wild forever.

Disappointed? Yes. But that’s it. It’s just a PR response (otherwise their first action, a few days ago. would’ve been the one they just announced).

Some complained, they don’t want the PR black eye, Understandable.

“Throw them their $500 back - we can swing it - so we can all move on with our lives and get back to what Twitter is actually meant for: screaming about white people wearing dreadlocks and how many dicks does it take for a young lady to acquire a rose?”