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Mr. Katan
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2021-02-06, 14:32

It’s an odd story all around.

Not coming down on developers at all, but I don’t see Apple’s “crime” here at all. I don’t know how dense those contracts were, but that’s not Apple’s problem either.

If I go into something like this, the contract is being read/understood before I sign my name. And if I think a $500 for temporary rental of a customized Mac to do some work on isn’t worth it (financially, time-wise, etc.), I just wouldn’t have done it.

But if I did do it and was offered anything in return, when it was never stated/guaranteed to begin with, I’d be pretty happy.

I’d take the $200, sure. The only thing I had a problem with was that May cutoff, pretty much limiting to you to the current lineup (unless an iMac or something comes in the next few months). But other than that, I kinda saw a lot of people mad that they got $200.

And now that they have $500 back (and all year to use it), I really don’t wanna hear any shit.

You won, guys. Now exhibit a bit of grace and gratitude and buy your new Mac when the time comes.

Apple could’ve done a couple of small things a bit differently/smoother, maybe. But I’m not seeing them in any villain role.