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2021-02-06, 14:41

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
What Apple should have done is just sell them the stupid thing and be done with it. And never, ever have the option for a return.
I think Apple sees these as prototype machines and doesn't want them out in the wild for too long.

(Perhaps there are some trade secret details in them that a production Mac conceals.)

I don't think raising the return from $200 to $500 was necessary, but sure, why not.

Extending the deadline matters a lot more. They released the M1 Macs in November, with no indication on what would happen to the DTK. So many developers already bought an M1 Mac by now, and many others waited for a beefier one. So, with the May deadline, if you've already bought an M1 Mac, what are you supposed to do? Sell that, then buy it again with the credit? And if you haven't yet, you basically get a window of a few weeks (because they haven't actually given instructions yet on how to return the DTK) to return it and buy a new Mac that you hadn't actually planned on buying.

By extending the deadline, they change that calculus a lot. Odds are a beefier Mac will be out by December.