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2005-01-30, 15:11

Hey all. I have a 4th gen iPod 40 GB, and I'm having trouble getting it to sync using USB (1.x). I have a 2001 model iBook G3/600 MHz which has 1 (one) Firewire port, which is in use by my CD burner, which has two ports. One has to be used to connect from it to my computer (obviously) and the other one is used to daisy chain to my 200 GB HD. Now if the 200 GB HD had a free Firewire (400) port I wouldn't have this problem. It's got 2 FW 800 ports, a USB 2.0 port and 1 FW 400 port. As far as I know the firmware of the G3 iBooks doesn't support Firewire 800. Would I be able to get an adapter to convert between FW 400 and 800 so I can use the FW 800 port on the HD to daisy chain the iPod as well? The FW 800 adapter that comes with my iPod doesn't fit into the FW 800 ports on the HD.

With that said, my problem is that I can no longer get my iPod to sync (i.e. appear under iTunes as well as mount as a disk on the Desktop) using USB, since my Firewire ports are in use. It used to work just fine, albeit the slower transfers. What can I do to get this to work again? I plan on getting a Firewire hub, but I won't have time (nor money) to get it for a while. I know that my USB ports are functional because I tested them with my USB mouse, and it works fine.

Any and all suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. = )

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