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2005-06-06, 17:08

Originally Posted by spotcatbug
I was just thinking about how this Intel transition might play out.

Suppose you end up being able to run your Windows software on OS X right out of the box. It sounds bad, because eventually, (as others have mentioned) developers won't write Mac-only software anymore. But, perhaps by that time, Apple won't care because people will prefer to run their Windows apps on OS X.

Would they be willing to compete directly with Microsoft like that?
Steve Jobs and everyone inside of Apple knows for a fact that exactly 4 hours after the first true linux geek gets his hands on OS X x86, he will be running Windows apps on it by using Wine (or QEMU virtualizer, or through any number of other approaches). There is no stopping that train. Windows programs will be run on this platform from day 1.

There can be no doubt that this has been considered and factored into the strategy in some manner. The interesting question is whether Apple will support it or just ignore it. My money is on ignoring it in public and supporting it in private (e.g. Don't give Windows any public credibility, but help make things work for the people that need it).