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2008-01-21, 12:41

So I have walked through the example on Apple's developers site:

I even downloaded the example file. It works correctly.

When I build a short version of this project with a single text field and a single output field, there is no dynamic generation of the text in the output field, in fact the method (or object) somemethod_ does not appear to be called at all. The program essentially sits there like a rock. I have checked all of my variables in Interface builder to ensure they match those from the example (i haven't rooted around in the menus at all, just the inspector).

What i want to do is count the characters dynamically in a scrolled text field. Oddly enough, I can get tkinter to do this readily, so why aren't my links working here? is there some other value i need to change besides binding the variable in interface inspector to the variable name in the python appdelegate -- the tutorial seems to suggest that this is all you need...