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2021-07-22, 03:38

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Hopefully, they'll ditch the Home button. At this point, I just don't like that thing any longer. I'd be OK with it having TouchID (moving up top like the iPad Air), but just make the Home Button go away, already.

The entirety of Apple's product line needs some consistency. What with TouchID and FaceID, Home button and not Home button, Touch Bar and not Touch Bar, System Preferences or Settings (). Just make the whole fool line consistent. Customers are getting lost!
It's odd that they haven't renamed System Preferences yet (though I'm not a big fan of the name "Settings", but it is a lot shorter…).

It's also odd, given that they did figure out how to do Touch ID wirelessly on the iMac keyboard, that they didn't do a kitchen-sink high-end Apple Touch Bar Keyboard. Just $799. There's got to be an internal battle going on as to whether they want to ditch it.