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2006-12-08, 13:10

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Not much to say about it, really.
I like this image of the leaves personally. While it might not technically perfect, it's a nice image.

Originally Posted by GSpotter View Post
From a photographic point of view, I like the "scorned" picture: Nice DoF - the person is just barely visible. I hope I will never have to see this view in real life, though...

I think the colors of the fish picture are maybe a bit too much, but somehow I like it (I have a weakness for strong colors ).
Yeah, it's the wrong end to be on for the gun shot. And for all those wondering, it's my wife Thanks for the feedback.

Originally Posted by alcimedes View Post
I'm no photographer, but here are a few I've taken this year that I liked.



These are nice images, I rather like the dragon too, have to you tried to crop out the guy walking away in the background?

Originally Posted by hiltond View Post

Not great but I like it.
Yeah, I do like this one after getting past all the window bars. It must have been a great view in person. Can you get one looking down?

Originally Posted by Dorian Gray View Post
turtle2472, looks like your gun could do with a cleaning.

Robert Appleby, an English photographer living in Italy, spent some time in Mumbai, Hebron and Pakistan a few years ago, shooting in colour as is his habit (I think he has made some pretty derogatory comments about clichéd black and white documentary photography in the past, but don't quote me on that). The result, available as PDF downloads here, is reminiscent in aesthetic quality to a story in the National Geographic magazine, but without the NG's colonial overtones and condescending fascination with primitive cultures. His pictures capture the dignity and vivacity of his subjects despite the crushing hardship of their daily lives. The collection is therefore not as heavy going as one might expect. Plenty of humour and hope in there!

Really worth taking a look at.
Actually the gun is just well used. It isn't dust in the barrel, it's corrosion from thousands of rounds going through it. I generally clean after every shooting, but use is use.

I enjoyed seeing most of his work. Some of it was to dark for me, but then again that was just the message he was portraying to us. I didn't understand some of his images, but then again I don't watch the news or read the paper either. I guess if I were in the loop I would know better. Since I'm actually going to be taking Photojournalism 1 in the spring (starting January 8th) these images serve well to help me get a better feel for what I'm after project wise. Thanks for the input Dorian

Originally Posted by Yonzie View Post
I love the way the colors pop out: (This one's not mine, but I'm hosting it, so I guess it's OK )

Evil house?:

Crap moon (which was what I wanted) but I love the lights (and cassiopeia is visible):
Streaks of light
Yeah, you really shouldn't put the image of the cars up since the copyright isn't your, but it's an interesting photo.

There certainly are some bright colors in it. I like the clouds over the building too, can you brighten up the lower half a little? A bit more detail there would be awesome.

I do like the image of the streaks. I tried once to get some pictures like that and I just didn't like the way they came out. I found myself to close to the road causing the on-coming headlights to blow out my images. Since I like in a city I don't have the opportunity to see a clear dark night that I cant get the moon, stars and cars in. Nice shot though.

Ok, here's a few more I have taken recently:

Alc, I see your bug and raise you one.

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