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2011-02-06, 05:22

This thread is meant as a reference to past photo challenge threads.

Jan 2010 - Winter (original contest)
Winner: Chinney
Runner up: julesstoop
Creator: PB PM

Feb 2010 - Abstract (or, in other words, "What the heck is that?")
Winner: Dorian Gray
Runner up: not specified
Creator: Chinney

Mar 2010 - Transportation
Winner: GSpotter
Runner up: not specified
Creator: Dorian Gray

Apr 2010 - Spring is in the air
Winner: Brad
Runner up: billybobsky
Creator: GSpotter

May 2010 - The Delicious Dish

Winner: Chinney
Runner up: AWR
Creator: Brad

Jun 2010 - Self Portrait

Winner: billybobsky
Runner up: Turtle
Creator: Chinney

Jul 2010 - Respiration and Photosynthesis
Winner: Gargoyle
Runner up: Bryson
Creator: billybobsky

August 2010 - Refractions & Reflections

Winner: julesstoop
Runner up:PB PM
Creator: Gargoyle

Sept 2010 - Leading Lines
Winner: BuonRotto
Runner up: GSpotter, evan
Creator: PB PM

Oct 2010 - Outside the Frame
Runner up: PB PM / GSpotter / Turtle / exkcdude
Creator: BuonRotto

Dec 2010 - Motion
Winner:PB PM
Runner up: GSpotter / Chinney
Creator: evan

Januar 2011 - Out of the Box
Runner up: foj
Creator: PB PM

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