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2011-04-11, 06:40

To celebrate the 50 anniversary of humans in space, watch a YouTube film (made of ISS-shot HD video) recreating the view as if seen during Gagarin's First Orbit

April 12th 1961 – Yuri Gagarin is about to see what no other person has seen in the history of humanity – the Earth from space. In the next 108 minutes he'll see more than most people do in a lifetime. What sights awaited the first cosmonaut silently gliding over the world below? What was it like to view the oceans and continents sailing by from such a height?

In a unique collaboration with the European Space Agency, and the Expedition 26/27 crew of the International Space Station, we have created a new film of what Gagarin first witnessed fifty years ago.

By matching the orbital path of the Space Station, as closely as possible, to that of Gagarin's Vostok 1 spaceship and filming the same vistas of the Earth through the new giant cupola window, astronaut Paolo Nespoli, and documentary film maker Christopher Riley, have captured a new digital high definition view of the Earth below, half a century after Gagarin first witnessed it.

Weaving these new views together with historic, recordings of Gagarin from the time, (subtitled in Englsih) and an original score by composer Philip Sheppard, we have created a spellbinding film to share with people around the world on this historic anniversary.

We have partnered with YouTube to share First Orbit with the World in a special global streaming event on the 12th April. The Yuri's Night network will also be showing the film at over 120 parties around the world that day. If you would like to watch it at one of these events then please contact the organizers directly through the Yuri's Night clickable party map.

And if there isn't a party near you then why not make a date with our YouTube channel and organize your own party. You can register the event on the Yuri's Night website by clicking here. And if you are planning a big event then check out our details of how you can download the film in advance, to be part of our global premiere on the 12th April. You can even download a poster from here to print out and advertise your screening. Whatever you do we'd love to hear how you shared First Orbit and what you did to remember Yuri - our first space man!
The 108 minute flight is also condensed into a 100 second App version for iPhone/iPad/etc


On the 12th April 1961 Yuri Gagarin climbed into his spaceship and was launched into space. It took him just over 100 minutes to orbit Earth and he returned as the World's very first spaceman. He didn't have an iPhone to capture what he saw to share with the world, so fifty years on we have gone back and filmed it all again for you to enjoy. You can find out how we did it and watch the full length free film at

But if you want to experience a speedier view of what Yuri witnessed on his pioneering flight then this is the app for you! We've condensed our new view into 100 seconds - which is the equivalent of orbiting the Earth at over 1 million miles an hour!

There's also an interactive Earth globe so you can trace the exact route which Yuri took fifty years ago.
There's Android App too for any heretics.

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