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2011-08-07, 13:45

Awesome... maybe future spacecraft to be powered by anti-proton / anti-matter engine, using anti-proton fields trapped by the Van Allen radiation belts as a fuel source?
Since it would take us forever and a day to produce enough of the stuff to fuel a ship, maybe we can "scoop some up on our way out of town", just before our refueling pit stop in Saturn's radiation belts for a "precursor" mission to the stars. Download the PDF at the bottom of the link. It is awesome even for a math-tard like me. Gives me hope for humanity.

OTOH such a small portion of the population has the motivation to learn these kinds of math and science skills... Imagine if even 2% of the kids out there were motivated to do this instead of skipping their homework so they can listen to Puff Diddly and Lady Googoo, watching Real Housewives of East Bumblefuck, and partying all the time. How many more great minds would we have at work on this problem in 10 years?

...into the light of a dark black night.

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