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2014-03-03, 10:45

Anyone have ideas on affordably mounting a large (73"x49") wall map?

I've tried before but none of my attempts have ever been very successful. I'm not planning on hanging it on the wall, just resting it against the wall, so I'm not too concerned about weight but I would like whatever materials I buy to fit in my small car so I don't have to rent a truck to get them home.

My two current ideas:

1) Three sheets of 2'x'4 1/4" plywood, somehow bound into one big 6x4 panel. On top of that, attach four pieces of foam core board. Attach the map to that using mounting tape. Apply trim around the edges.

2) Instead of plywood, get three sheets of polystyrene foam insulation. Much lighter than plywood but I worry about the durability.

Am I missing something obvious? I've searched the internet but most ideas I come across don't seem all that great.

Should I just bite the bullet and rent a truck so I can use a single piece of plywood?