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2016-03-14, 22:44

Our cabin is not a winter place. The plumbing and insulation are not four-season. Also, the road is not kept up during the winter, so you have to ski or snowshoe in (though not all that far a distance from the plowed road). Rarely, we do this, and spend an overnight, bringing our supplies on a toboggan behind us. Provided it is not deep cold, a good fire in the stove can overcome the lack of insulation and keep the place fairly warm.

It was gloriously sunny and warm this past weekend (well above freezing during the day), so we decided to visit. This is a picture of the still frozen lake and the deep snow on the hillside. In 4-5 weeks the snow and the ice likely will be gone.

When there's an eel in the lake that's as long as a snake that's a moray.