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El Gallo
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2016-10-21, 08:52

My son made me watch the video yesterday. I'm not a big time gamer but much of what they are looking to do just seems backwards in this day and age. I can understand where they are coming from but it looks like an evolutionary dead end. Consoles overall seem that way to me though. There was a time when having a console made life easy because you weren't messing with driver updates or trying to update firmwares or other such nonsense.

Consoles have become computers and iPads and the like have become easier to use than the consoles of yore. Nintendo wants to push out 50 million new pieces of updated hardware that they want to turn around and sell $50 pieces of plastic to containing their games. They should have moved on to selling $5-10 games to Apple's billion devices.

Nintendo at this stage feels like Nokia. We own a Wii, a Wii U and my sons both on 3DS's.