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2016-10-21, 09:37

Originally Posted by PB PM View Post
Nah, Super Mario Kart was better... 2D FTW.
I'm probably stepping into a small holy war here (at least I'm not debating versions of Super Smash Bros, amirite?), but Super Mario Kart feels to me like a totally different game from its later generations. Super was certainly fun, but whenever I try to pick it up some twenty-plus years later, I'm frustrated by how the controls feel so loose and slippery compared to 64 and beyond. I feel the same way about the original F-Zero. I loved both of these originals on the SNES, but in hindsight it's clear that Nintendo was still in a very nascent stage of figuring out how to translate real-world physics into racing games.

I've finally been playing some Mario Kart 8 lately with coworkers (we have a Wii U in a rec room), and although it's very pretty, I feel like something about the level designs is too complex or they fly by too quickly to appreciate. Hard to put a finger on it exactly. Thankfully that horrible blue shell is a little bit less common than on Mario Kart Wii, at least. I look forward to Mario Kart Switch in another year or so.

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