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2017-02-25, 13:51

First and foremost: jealous.

It's great you have a Switch to play with. Yes to what you wrote, especially about the flow of new, AA games. If Nintendo nails that, and cater to smaller indie developers (which it sounds like they are), they should be able to carve out a good niche. Aaaand, their online buying experience must feel faster than an early-2000s virus-laden PC. Early reviews say the built-in software feels quick. Is that your experience, Robo?

Nintendo won't sell 75M units unless the price drops significantly, which it should over time. I'm a bit alarmed that the accessories are so insanely priced; but that seems to be the evolution of a game everyone is playing.

As for a Switch-lite, it would seem like an obvious move. But can they get away with changing it that much? Games are being designed around the removable motion-controller joycons (and the rumble and IR camera features), so 'building-them-in' doesn't seem an option. Likewise with the display; UIs already need to work from large 1080p TVs down to a <7" LCD. Could they go smaller? The 3DS only ever scaled up in size, but never down.

But you touched on it: what Nintendo does (or doesn't do) with its handheld line is a real mystery. I'm curious to see how it plays out.

(NB: I'll be sad to see the 3DS and its stereoscopy go. It kind of sucked at first, and was completely pointless for AR applications. But with the tracking camera on the new 3DS it works well – what a shame they didn't introduce the system with that. Oh well. Many games didn't seem to benefit from 3D, a lot of users seem to turn it off completely. But A Link Between Worlds was brilliant with the 3D on, long may it live.)