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2017-02-26, 14:42

Originally Posted by Robo View Post
I feel like Nintendo's plan to charge for online, even though they're said to be charging about half as much as the other guys, is going to be a hard sell though. Nintendo is a "second console" for many, and I don't think many people are going to want to subscribe to two different services, however cheap the second is. And it kind of bums me out to think about kids getting Pokémon Stars or whatever and not being able to trade or battle over the internet without begging their parents for a subscription. I hope those games at least come with like a one-year "Poképass" code or something; that would seem like a reasonable compromise.
From what I read, and I could be wrong on this, it appears that the monthly game is only yours to play for.... that one month after which it isn't accessible or you have to buy it to play it. That to me reads like a deathwish. I fully understand that on the PS systems you don't OWN the games but get to download and use them for as long as you are subscriber. However if you subscribe for years you end up with a large library of basically usable and accessible games.

From my understanding with the Nintendo system, again my understanding could be misguided or wrong, but it seems like you could subscribe for years and all you have is the game of the month and only for that month. That sounds like a pretty crappy proposition.