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2018-04-09, 19:14

Dear Geri,

Your birthday, April 14, is this coming Saturday! Yay!!!

For once, I caught it ahead of time instead of afterwards. In case I'm not online that day, I want to wish you, in advance, the happiest of birthdays. It's nice to have a birthday on a Saturday, don't you think? Because then everyone is kind of celebrating with you. I know you will have beautiful weather where you are, and I hope all goes well on your special day. Thanks for wishing so many AN members best wishes on their birthdays for all these years. Every messageboard should have someone like you.

(Eek! I just noticed that the day before is Friday the 13th! Ugh! I just *hate* having a Friday the 13th at tax time. )

Again, I wish you all the best, and thanks for being such a great part of AppleNova.