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2019-07-07, 20:59

Life, Facebook, the pursuit of contracts...

Divorced, remarried, two boys (18 and 21) quit my job, got a new one, quit that one, started a consulting firm, formed a new corporation with some colleagues, been generally causing trouble and HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THE TIME.

Uh, I mean... not much.

Seriously, just went off the deep end of busy. lol

But *seriously*, I jetted in the election run up. The ol' place devolved into a few freakishly misinformed folks driving the narratives in almost every damned thread.

I gave up on it being resolved for the better, had better places to piss people off and watch friendships dissolve under irreconcilable differences. lol

My other brain is hung like a horse too.
#IRC isn't old school.
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