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2019-07-08, 16:03

Originally Posted by Kickaha View Post
But *seriously*, I jetted in the election run up. The ol' place devolved into a few freakishly misinformed folks driving the narratives in almost every damned thread.

I gave up on it being resolved for the better, had better places to piss people off and watch friendships dissolve under irreconcilable differences. lol
Just after the 2016 elections, I made a decision to withdraw myself from political discussion. Now, rather than going silly over it, I just try really hard to avoid it. Period! Doesn't matter if I agree or not. The whole thing makes me nuts! The world is becoming increasingly divided over who has the better quarterback, and I'm sick and tired of it. Thus, rather than "watch friendships dissolve under irreconcilable differences", I just avoid the conversation. I would rather have peace with my friends than war with my enemies any day of the week. In that thinking, I prefer to have friends than enemies, and the final conclusion means I should seek peace rather than war. Thus, I don't take part in the argument. No sense in it. It goes nowhere, no one changes, and the fight goes on.

And, Kick, your comment brings up a very good point. In asking why you are elsewhere and not here, I hadn't even thought of the political angle. Yet, I know that Scates disappeared around the same time, as did others. I think that means something. Politics kills friendships quicker than anything else. While I won't go down the "no politics here" road (it has it's place, at least) I do believe civil conversation can be had in other areas. Thus, I have stayed around while avoiding the left/right debate.

Seriously, we miss you around here, and I'm sorry you felt pushed away. You were a driving force, and the vast majority of our membership respects you. Come around once in a while. Share some thoughts. Vote for Pedro!

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