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2005-06-16, 15:26

To the best of my knowledge this is the best forum for this...but I may be wrong, if I am, feel free to move this.

Anyway, I believe I've found a bug in Tiger. Sometimes I leave my computer for short periods of time and instead of putting it to sleep I'll put a screen saver up because it's easy and it's password protected. (There's a lot of people that come in and out of my place and I don't want them using my computer). I installed Tiger yesterday and today I had class so I put up the screen saver like normal and to test it I moved the mouse...the screen saver turned off, no password prompt.

I went into System preferences and into screen saver and desktop, no password protection option, turns out it's in "security" (logical I suppose, but I think it would make more sense to have the option in the screen saver preference.) The "password protect screen saver" box was checked like it should be, so I un-checked it and re-checked it and tested the screen saver again, it worked this time. A second test failed, again the screen saver just turned off with no password prompt.

I un-checked and re-checked the box again, tested again, and it worked. Tested again, and it didn't work. What's the deal? It's the same with all screen savers as far as I can tell. I'm prompted for a password when restarting, when waking from sleep...just like normal. Auto login is not enabled.

I spoke with Quagmire (Undertaker) and he was experiencing the problem as well.

Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? Should I notify Apple or is this an isolated incident?

By the way...Mac OS 10.4.1, PowerBook 12" 1.33ghz, 768mb RAM, super drive.

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