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Originally Posted by rasmits View Post
I can understand that. It's not like Word really changes from version to version.
Word and MS office gets bigger hard drive space wise and has more options I don’t need or want with each version.
I have a minimum install of WORD 7 (Office 95) that takes up 5.69 MB. On another computer Word 97 minimum install takes up 10.46 MB.

Smaller is faster and why update if you don’t have to.

Originally Posted by rollercoaster375 View Post
90% of what you described can be solved by running Linux. And might I add that #6 is your fault. There are plenty of people who build Windows boxes.

And why are you using IE if it's that much of a pain? Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla... All sorts of other options exist for Windows.
I tried Linux twice in the 90’s. It needed me to replace my vid card to get the GUI to run. Back then they were $100 to $200 dollars. If parallels lets me run two extra OS’s I might give Linux a try. I have to run XP to run some old apps.

I use Fire Fox, Opera and Mozilla in addition to IE. Some sites only look good in IE and one can’t remove IE from a windows box without causing massive problems. You can’t run windows update to get your fix packs or run some really nice free virus scanners without IE. Until people stop writing web sites to look their best on IE I need it around.

It’s been 12 years. When is Microsoft going to make a browser that works?

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