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rams it
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2007-03-01, 20:07

Originally Posted by MCSE+I-Turncoat View Post
Word and MS office gets bigger hard drive space wise and has more options I don’t need or want with each version.
I have a minimum install of WORD 7 (Office 95) that takes up 5.69 MB. On another computer Word 97 minimum install takes up 10.46 MB.

Smaller is faster and why update if you don’t have to.
I know that. I was agreeing with you.

Word 9 (2001) for Mac is roughly 9 MB, Word 11 (2004) is about 19 MB. It's unfortunate, I know.

Also unfortunate is the fact that Word 11 - or 10, if you can find it - is your only option for running office on your Intel Mac. If it's precious milliseconds you wish to save, keep the OS 9 box around.

You had me at asl