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2009-01-03, 01:20

Still into Company of Heroes, as long as someone is online who I can play with. I'm also playing on the Xbox a little, but not too much. Mostly multiplayer Halo 3 at a friend's house.

The new thing for me is Facebook word games. Scramble and WordTwist especially. The problem is, I love WordTwist, but you can only play it with people on your friend list. Conversely, Scramble has live rooms, but I have a love/hate relationship with it because it uses the official Scrabble dictionary (aka the stupidest dictionary in the entire world). It's amazing how many proper names, abbreviations, and foreign words they have in there for a game that supposedly doesn't allow any of those things. For instance, did you know that "ATT" is a word? Yep, it means American Telephone & Telegraph, or AT&T. How that isn't both an abbreviation AND a proper name at the same time, I have no idea. But I'm stuck at a skill level where I just barely make it into an expert room, and everyone else seems to know all these retarded 3-letter words.

Okay, rant over. Scramble is still fun but it is frustrating always coming in 50th place or something. WordTwist is fun but I'm limited in how much I can play it.