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2009-11-07, 12:05

iPhoto libraries? How big is your library? There is no way in the world I could fit my library on DB and call it a value. How big is a "normal" user's iPhoto library?

Web page code and all is a great idea. I don't do much coding though the concept is of great use to me. The problem I run into is that I have 4 Macs that I regularly use. This makes things like the Documents folder and even Mail store locally on the machine a challenge.

So since I use IMAP but archive messages locally on my machine this might be a great way to have all my Mail databases in sync. So if I store a message locally on Beast I can still see it on Mork or my MB.

Can you have multiple Dropbox accounts on one Mac? As it, my wife have a DB on her login and I have one on my login? This would to totally sweet if you could do that!

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