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2010-12-19, 03:18

Originally Posted by Kickaha View Post
Oh you guys SUCK...

Give in to the 'craft. How else were you going to spend your nights and weekends? Work and family can wait.

Originally Posted by torifile View Post
Have you looked into Amazon's cloud services to host the server? They're giving bandwidth away for their smaller instances. I've got it for my CDN on my website and it's been free. I think you can get a "micro" instance for free. That's 613 megs of RAM. I'm poking around right now to see what I can find about doing it. Even if we had to pay some, I'm sure it'd be cheaper than what Linode costs.
Hmmm... not a bad idea. I might look into this, but this would mean a hostname other than "" which kinda sucks. So far, the Linode setup has actually been working surprisingly well. We have five simultaneous users on earlier and it didn't hiccup once. I'm tempted to bump it to 7 or 9 allowed users to see where we hit a limit.

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